About the Art
All of our Canvas Prints & Gallery Wraps are printed in studio and hand stretched after being coated with a surface protecting UV inhibiting spray which applies a protective finish to each piece of canvas art we create. We use only the best quality canvas, papers and coatings to preserve the archival integrity of each canvas or print we produce.

Gallery Wrap


Gallery Wraps are created by wrapping a canvas around a 1 ½ in. wooden stretcher frame much like a painter’s canvas. This
creates a modern aesthetic which lends itself to many décor styles.

Float Framed Gallery Wrap


A Gallery Wrap is framed using a contemporary frame style which allows the sides of the wrapped canvas to be seen giving
it a more 3 dimensional appearance while adding a more finished look to compliment the image. Several wood grained frame
stains are used to accent each image to its individual style.

Premium Framed Canvas


These traditional style frames include the Canvas Print which is mounted to a rigid backing board. It is then set inside
a 1inch sand or black fabric liner surrounded by a beautifully rich 2 ½ inch Burl Wood styled frame. Liner colors are chosen
to best accent the image being framed.

Print Sizes Loose Prints
7x10 $15.00
11x16 $29.00
20x30 $99.00


  Canvas Size Gallery Wrap Float Framed Gallery Wrap Premium Framed Canvas
Full Frame 8x12 $29.00    
  11x16 $79.00 $145 $219
  16x24 $179.00 $265 $365
  24x36 $329.00 $455 $579
  30x45 $429.00 $619.00 $869.00
  40x60 $799.00 $1025.00 $1399.00
Panoramic 20x60 $399.00 $599.00 $849.00
  23x60 $429.00 $629.00 $889.00
  30x60 $539.00 $765.00 $1065.00
Small Panoramic 10x30 $149.00 $235.00 $335.00
  13x30 $169.00 $259.00 $365.00
  15x30 $189.00 $285.00 $389.00

Custom Sizing Available, contact us for more information.

Custom Framing
To discuss custom framing options using other frame styles or specific finishes please contact us directly at 612-636-5600 or send us a message here.

Allow 2-3 weeks for your artwork to be shipped. If you experience damage to the packaging which results in damage to the artwork document it and notify us so we can file a claim for damages with the shipping company.