My earliest memories of photography surround watching my dad set up his camera to shoot the Annual Cummelin Christmas Card. He’d set up a light bar with floodlight bulbs and shoot the family picture using a long cable release. Once the film was processed he made contact prints with a homemade contact printer of his own design.

My first opportunity to explore photography was in Jr. High. I talked the AV teacher into letting me develop some B&W film in the school’s darkroom. In High School I took photography classes, again, exploring the darkroom and shooting things that interested me. I would borrow my dads Minolta occasionally until I went to college. It was then what had started as an “Art Credit” class turned into a passion. After I finished all the photography classes the college offered I began working as an assistant to a Professional Wedding/Portrait Photographer. I worked with him for about a year and a half before he turned me loose to shoot weddings for his studio. In total I shot for Ellis Photography for nearly 20 years.

Fairly early on I was also able to break into Commercial Photography as a Freelance Assistant. After a couple years assisting I was able to transition from assisting to shooting as a Freelance Photographer with numerous prominent studios in The Twin Cities. Eventually I would operate my own Commercial Photography Studio in Minneapolis’ Warehouse District for 8 years.

Ultimately, I decided to shift my focus to a genre of photography which was considerably more relaxed as I began revisiting many of my favorite spots along the North Shore of Lake Superior. With a careers worth of knowledge and experience in my tool kit I set about capturing images of mother nature’s beauty and grandeur. From sunsets in the Boundary Waters and sunrises on Lake Superior to the trails and back roads around the region, being out there shooting was a reward in itself.

Artist Statement

My Passion is creating images of Nature that can transport the viewer to a place and time. Reminding them of someplace they’ve been or somewhere they long to be. Having photographed extensively on The North Shore of Lake Superior and in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, both offering some of the most beautiful places in the country, I’ve drawn on my years as a Professional Photographer to capture the beauty of Nature or “The Natural Condition” as Ansel Adams described it and share it with all whom it touches. It’s my hope that my photography in some way will spur others to explore nature and to share the same love of the outdoors that I do.


For almost 30 years, using both film and digital cameras, I’ve photographed The North Shore of Lake Superior and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area as well as other wilderness areas. I use the only the highest quality archival products and practices in printing and finishing each of my photographs as a custom giclee’ print. I print on 100% Cotton Rag Fine Art Papers, Premium Luster Photographic Papers as well as Canvas producing Archival Quality Prints.